A sim-vacation, or sim-voyage, was a popular recreational activity that used simulator and holographic technologies to create for diverse beings a virtual reality luxury-vacation experience to beautiful tourist spots, popular throughout the galaxy. Advanced holoprojection systems created the simulated images and sound for the virtual vacationer. Some of the simulated galactic locales and attractions included the famous shooting stars of Nantama, the mountains of Belazura, and Dremulae's Sea of Translucency.[1]

Sim-vacations were particularly popular on the capital world of Coruscant. A business called "Virtual Happiness" was, for example, one of Galactic City's several establishments specializing in sim-voyages. Ironically, after it went out of business, its original structure in the CoCo Town district served as a safe house for galactic criminal and mad scientist Jenna Zan Arbor, whose own brand of 'virtual happiness' transported another breed of virtual realist in an entirely different kind of way, through her drug, "The Zone of Self-Containment."[1]

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