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The Singularity was an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer under the command of Imperial Intelligence Director and Emperor's Hand Blackhole, better known as Cronal, during the Galactic Civil War.


The Singularity was an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards. Coated with a rare stygian-triprismatic polymer, the Singularity was almost impossible to detect at sensor range and nearly invisible to the naked eye in deep space.[1]


The ship served as Imperial Intelligence Director Cronal's main base of operations after he fled Coruscant while being possessed with an irrational fear of being in danger. The Singularity, its attached TIE fighter wing the 123rd Nightstalker Group, and Cronal's own special stormtrooper division were all cast in obsidian to match his eccentricities.[1]

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The Singularity was first mentioned in an article from Star Wars Gamer 5 titled The Emperor's Pawns by Abel G. Peña. An identical summary of the ship was published in the Rebellion Era Sourcebook and the ship was later given a brief entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.


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