Siobhan Stern was a female Human who served as a Lieutenant in the Thaereian military during the Clone Wars.


Stern served aboard the Nimbus, a Thaereian capital ship that was based in the deserted city of Nub Saar, on Genarius. When Nub Saar was attacked by Cochlera, the creatures damaged the Nimbus and forced the Thaereians to abandon their base in Nub Saar. However, Stern and the rest of the crew survived, by sealing themselves off in one of the Nimbus's holds. They were found by the Heroes of Cularin, who tried to persuade Stern and the surviving crew members to defect to the Cularin Militia.[1]

Stern eventually joined the Militia and when the Heroes of Cularin later became stranded on the planet Holador, Stern accompanied a Militia force that was dispatched to rescue them.[2]


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