"Siphon reed. Keep going or it will get you, too."
―Abeloth to Khai, after Rhea was pulled underwater by a siphon reed[src]

A siphon reed was a type of reed that lived in water on a planet in the Maw. In 43.5 ABY, when a Sith strike team arrived on the planet in search of Ship, a Sith Meditation Sphere, the team's leader Lady Olaris Rhea was dragged into a whirlpool by a siphon reed while crossing a river. Her apprentice, Vestara Khai, attempted to save her, only to be pulled into the whirlpool herself. Khai managed to find and free Rhea from reeds pulling her deeper and deeper into water then Rhea thrust both of them out of the water, where they were caught, held stable, and helped back to shore by the Keshiri Sith apprentice Ahri Raas. After this incident, Khai was able to see the true nature of Abeloth—a being powerful in the dark side of the Force who had the ability to control all the plant life on the world—as she realized that Abeloth had to have caused the reed to attack Rhea.

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