The Siren III was a heavily modified Aavman Extravagance Model 11-S Space Yacht owned by Leger DeMain. The ship had been modified to allow it to service as a theater. The bow had been rebuilt to act as a stage and many of the original cabins had been converted into dressing rooms and prop storage. The upper level served as living space for the performers. When landed a large section of the performance area of the ship could be separated from the rest of the ship and moved around to use as a stage.

DeMain also added secret compartments to smuggle for the Rebel Alliance. One of these compartments was placed in a dummy engine between the two other engines. The compartment was fitted with false energy signature projectors and illuminators to fool sensors. It could also be ejected in times of trouble.

One of the ship's escape pods was actually a disguised mini-shuttle for Leger's private use.


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