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"A security officer has to be able to provide security. Even when commanding officers are killed or subverted. He has to be able to see where everyone is, know what everyone is thinking. Otherwise things aren't safe."
―Siron Tawaler to Lumiya[src]

Siron Tawaler was a Human male and head of security for Toryaz Station. In 40 ABY, during the negotiations between Corellia and the Galactic Alliance on the station, Lumiya used the Force to manipulate Captain Tawaler into believing he was to be her telbun and convinced him to go after a so called "rogue Jedi" after her and aided her first into allowing Thrackan Sal-Solo's soldiers to board the station, and then into walking into space through an airlock. While he was still alive, he was considered unmotivated and inadequate by his superior officers.


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