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"From your faces I can see some of you have heard of Sirpar. For the rest of you, know this: Sirpar is the forge where many an officer has been created—or broken."
Commandant Brendol Hux[src]

Sirpar was a planet found within the Galactic Empire. It was known for its gravity that was extremely high compared to that of other human-inhabited planets in the Empire, as well as a dazzlingly intense sun that was so bright that non-natives needed to wear polarized goggles in order to be able to bear it. Generations of humans living on Sirpar had become adapted to the planet, broad in size and possessed of thick layers of muscle. Many of these had become instructors to Imperial cadets. The planet was used as a training forge for cadets of the Arkanis Academy. During the three-day tour, the cadets were granted provisional ranks as they participated in live exercises commanding stormtroopers that had been rotated off active duty.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Sirpar first appeared in "You're in the Army Now!," an adventure featured in Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game.[2] Reference material established that the planet was located in the Arkanis sector.[3] While these sources are now considered part of the continuity of Star Wars Legends,[4] Sirpar's existence in canon was established by Jason Fry's title Servants of the Empire: The Secret Academy. While the title does not specify a location for the planet, cadets from the Arkanis Academy are nevertheless trained there.[1]


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