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The Sisar Run was a hyperspace trade route that originated in the Tharin sector, passed through the heart of the Periphery into Hutt Space, then continuing past Sriluur and bypassing the Si'Klaata Cluster before splitting by Sespe.

A minor arm of the run was the Ac'fren Spur which stretched from Sriluur to Ques. From Ques one could reach Kintan and Klatooine in the Si'Klaata Cluster. Another branch of the Sisar Run was the Triellus Trade Route.

During the Galactic Civil War, the majority of the Sisar Run was under the control of the Black Sun Vigo Sprax, which did not sit well with another Vigo, Durga Besadii Tai.

In 29 ABY, the Hutt Embra was the head of the anti-Yuuzhan Vong resistance called the Sisar Runners, almost certainly operating on this trade route.



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