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The Siskeen system was a system in the Hunnoverrs sector.


The system was controlled by the InterGalactic Banking Clan and later the Hutt Cartel before the start of the Clone Wars. During the Wars, the Confederacy of Independent Systems established themselves on the Kaer Orbital Platform, using it as a factory. Early in the conflict, it was taken by Jedi General Jor Drakas for the Republic.[1]

One of the system's gas giants, Kaer, held the Kaer Orbital Platform, and was later used as a base and headquarters by the Black Sun sector Vigo Lun Rask.[5] It also contained the planets Siskeen[3] and Olanet.[4]

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In Legacy 37: Tatooine, Part 1, Siskeen system is erroneously placed into Arkanis sector.



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