The Sith Abattar was a Sith amulet, found by Sorzus Syn shortly after her arrival in Sith space. She used it to master the Sith language, both written and verbal.

Millennia later, it was discovered on the planet Dathomir during the New Republic's reign. It was found on the Jedi training vessel Chu'unthor and was one of the many items stored on it.

The amulet's center was surrounded by six triangular wedges made of unknown metal. The Sith Abattar was worn around the neck and held in place by a thin, silver chain. Upon donning the amulet, a being felt a heavy weight being placed on him or her despite the small size of the abattar. This Sith artifact allowed the wearer to communicate in any language, but prolonged use of the amulet weakened the wearer, eventually leading to death if not removed. Sorzus Syn also said it attuned its wearer to the maddening chatter of ghosts.

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In Book of Sith: Secrets from the Dark Side, the amulet was misspelled as "Sith abbatar."[1]


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