A Sith Cultist ready for action on Korriban.

"Come get me, Jedi!"
―The signature taunt of the cultists[src]

A Sith Cultist was a member of any Sith cult. More specifically, "Sith Cultist" was used with reference to the members of Tavion Axmis's Sith cult, the Disciples of Ragnos.

Background and AbilitiesEdit


A Sith Cultist

Members of the cult had been empowered with the Force by Tavion's Scepter of Ragnos and wore different color battle suits depending on their abilities. Some of Tavion's Sith cultists were Force-users, carrying no weapons and instead using offensive powers such as Force Grip and Force lightning as well as acrobatics. Others were armed with a blaster rifle and had basic knowledge of several dark side powers. However, most were trained in the basics of lightsaber combat.

These cultists wore an orange battle suit and were competent with their weapons, although they generally lacked the skill and discipline needed to defeat an average Jedi from Luke Skywalker's Jedi Praxeum. These cultists had little skill in Force powers, but all were trained to use Force Jump and to employ Force push defensively. To a Jedi, they only posed a serious threat when confronted in groups. In combat, the cultists made frequent use of Dun Möch to offset their lack of saber skills, taunting their opponents arrogantly.

Lightsabers with slightly shorter blades, modeled on Tavion's, were mass produced using synthetic crystals for the lightsaber-wielding cultists. Since there were so many cultists, it would have taken too long to create individual, personalized lightsabers for them. It was also very likely that the cultists were not skilled enough to create their own lightsabers. The difference in the blade length did not seem to have much of an effect on its performance.

Generally, cultists operated in pairs or small groups, typically with one lightsaber-wielding cultist backed up by one or two Force-users to maximize their abilities. In combat against Jedi, the Force-user would usually employ their powers aggressively to draw the Jedi's focus away from their lightsaber-wielding partners.

Other Cult Members and AccomplishmentsEdit


A cultist battles a Jedi

The more powerful of Tavion's cultists were called the New Reborn, as they were recruited among the surviving members of Desann's army of Reborn and their skills were superior to the cultists . The lower members of the Disciples of Ragnos were simply called "Sith cultists" or just "cultists." They were mainly deployed in operations relating to Tavion's hunt for more Force energy, more often that not working alongside Imperial Remnant or mercenaries. Whilst the cultists were often outmatched by the Jedi they faced on their missions, particularly the talented Jaden Korr, they fought to the death with a zealous fury.

The cultists and New Reborn congregated in force on Korriban and fought the Jedi in an attempt to prevent them from reaching Ragnos' tomb and halting Tavion's resurrection of the ancient Sith Lord. Due to the cultists' advantage in numbers they were able to stall the advance of the Jedi, allowing Tavion to complete the resurrection ritual. Nevertheless, Jaden Korr managed to penetrate their defenses and slew many of the defending cultists, thereby gaining access to Ragnos' tomb. Engaging Tavion and the empowered spirit of Ragnos, Korr defeated her and set the Sith Lord's spirit back to rest. With the destruction of the Scepter of Ragnos the cult members lost their powers, thus the fates of those who survived the fall of Tavion are unknown.

Behind the scenesEdit

In Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, the Cultists are the only enemies that wield slightly shorter lightsabers. All of the other enemies, such as the New Reborn, have normal length lightsabers. Also, all lightsaber-using enemies in the game, except Alora, Reborn Master and staff-wielding New Reborn have the same black, basic hilt. There are also two hidden cultist NPC, "Cultistcommando" is basically a green Cultist armed with dual DL-44 heavy blaster pistols with a surprisingly fast rate of fire and "Cultist_Destroyer", a red Cultist who run into the player performing a "Force Rage" animation and self-destructs, killing everyone in the blast radius, though the self-destruct effect is missing.



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