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The Sith Dreadnaught, sometimes known as a Dreadnaught cruiser or simply a Dreadnaught, was a type of warship used in the navy of the Brotherhood of Darkness during the closing stages of the New Sith Wars.[1]


Armed with powerful heavy laser cannons in forward-firing batteries, they were designated as cruisers, larger than corsair battleships and starfighters.[1]


In 1002 BBY, three ships of this type formed part of Lord Kaan's Sith fleet during the First Battle of Ruusan. These three ships were considered a deadly threat to two Hammerhead-class cruisers that had lost their shields to a fighter attack, but without fighter support of their own, they were vulnerable to four squadrons of Aurek-class tactical strikefighters.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit


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In 2010, the content of this article was translated into Aurebesh and inserted onto a computer screen in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode "Cat and Mouse".


Notes and referencesEdit

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