The Sith Temple at Acablas was a series of temples built and rebuilt many times by the Sith Empire at the site of a vergence in the Force known as Acablas on the planet Auratera. The last temple constructed at Acablas was built during the New Sith Wars when the Empire regained control of the planet and destroyed the Jedi Temple there.


Built and rebuilt over the millennia, the Sith Temple of Auratera was built on the lip of Aca's Funnel at the Acablas vergence. Constructed on the site of several ancient temples, the Empire's structure was a series of old and new architecture that formed a winding and labyrinthine interior maze. During the New Sith Wars, the pyramid was occupied before the war's end and the victory over the Empire by the Jedi.[1]


Built on the ruins of older temples, the Sith Pyramid's entrance was located on the rim of the Funnel, with a ceremonial path lined with statues leading deep into the structure. Halfway up the pyramid, a cantilevered balcony reached out over the Funnel, and ended over the cenote opening. It was on this balcony the Sith preformed arcane rituals and sacrificed beings to the dark side. In the aftermath of the Sith's loss of control over the pyramid, the ruins were marked by external attack and an internal explosion which left the facility open to the elements.[1]


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