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This Sith holocron was an artifact hidden by Sith acolytes on the Outer Rim planet Kruskan around 3000 BBY. It was later found by the servants of Regera Girawn, a local noblewoman, who brought the artifact to their mistress. As Girawn handled the holocron, the artifact exploded in a burst of purplish light that scarred the woman's face and hands, while also awakening her Force abilities. The abilities granted her visions that drove her insane and led her to travel the galaxy in search of Force-sensitive disciples.


This Sith holocron was shaped like a pulsing sphere. Upon contact with the Force-sensitive Regera Girawn, the holocron exploded in a burst of purplish light that activated Girawn's Force potential, giving her visions of the past, present, and future. The blast also left both her mind and face scarred and warped.[1]


Regera Girawn

Rigera Girawn, who was scarred when the holocron exploded in her hands

Around 3,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, Sith acolytes traveled to the backwater planet Kruskan in the Outer Rim Territories and hid this Sith holocron in a mountain stronghold not far from what eventually became the planet's capital city.[1]

Some time later, the servants of a local noblewoman, Regera Girawn, discovered the holocron while unearthing the ruins in the mountain. Taking the holocron to Girawn's palace, the servants presented the artifact to their mistress. When Girawn handled the holocron, it released a blast of light that destroyed the holocron and left the noblewoman's hands and face burned. The power of the artifact triggered Girawn's Force potential and granted her visions in which she saw herself leading an army of dark disciples.[1]

The power and visions Girawn gained from the holocron drove her insane, and her subjects soon deposed her. Using her recently acquired Force powers, Girawn fled her planet and, attempting to heed her visions, roamed the galaxy in search of Force-sensitives to become her disciples.[1]

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This holocron was first mentioned in the article Regera Girawn, Force Witch, a supplement for the roleplaying game sourcebook Scum and Villainy, posted on December 9, 2008.[1]


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