"If it has blood, you can make it bleed. If it has eyes, you can blind it. If it has a mouth, you can make it scream…"
―Text carved on a Sith lanvarok[src]

The Sith lanvarok was a wrist-mounted projectile launcher that could fire a volley of metal discs, usually in a small but unpredictable spray pattern, which made dodging or blocking the deadly projectiles very difficult. Due to the lanvarok's exceptionally long reload time, it was best used for delivering a one-shot surprise attack. To counter its lack of accuracy, a Sith could use the Force to guide the discs to their targets, turning the lanvarok into an incredibly deadly weapon.

Sith lanvaroks were typically designed to be exclusively right-handed or exclusively left-handed, the left-handed versions being based on the original lanvaroks of the Sith species. Most were constructed of durasteel, although rare versions did have a thin layer of cortosis armor to protect them from lightsaber attacks. Since the weapon could be worn on the forearm, the wielder's hands were free to clutch a lightsaber or other melee weapons. The lanvarok possessed a secondary trigger: a small nub that could be manipulated using the Force. A more primitive version of this weapon also existed, called Massassi lanvarok.


Ancient legends suggested that the lanvarok originated as an effective hunting tool. Though quite common during the days of the Great Sith War, lanvaroks became extremely difficult to acquire after the rise of Darth Bane. By the time of the Clone Wars most lanvaroks were sold only as antique collector's items. However, a small number of Sith holocrons contained detailed instructions for those eager enough to build their own.

In 5 ABY, Director of Imperial Intelligence Ysanne Isard discovered a Sith lanvarok which used to belong to Mara Jade, and sent a left-handed agent to use it to kill Plumba, an Imperial Ruling Council member.



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