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Admiral Saul Karath, a former Republic Officer who served in the Mandalorian Wars and joined Revan and Malak after their fall to the dark side. (Shown wearing a Naval Admiral's uniform.)

Sith officers were former Republic officers that joined the Sith Empire during the Jedi Civil War when Darth Revan and Darth Malak turned on the Republic after the Battle of Malachor V.


Many, if not all of these officers served in the Mandalorian Wars under Revan and Malak. As many Sith Officers were the commanders of Republic ships such as the Leviathan and the Ravager during the Mandalorian Wars, they took these ships with them when they turned their backs on the Republic. Many of these officers, especially Admiral Saul Karath who destroyed an entire planet (Telos IV), changed so quickly into ruthless monsters suggesting that the dark side of the Force affected them as it had affected Revan and Malak.

Over three hundred years after the events of Revan and Malak with the return of the ancient Sith Empire many would once more join the armies of the Sith commanding it's vessels and leading its troops into battle.


Notable Sith Officers


Duan, another Sith officer. (Shown wearing the more common Sith officer uniform.)

Behind the scenes

Sith officers are meant to resemble the Imperial Officers that are seen in the movies. The difference being that Imperial officers wore either black or olive uniforms. Sith officers wore azure blue uniforms.

Nonetheless, many former Republic officers likewise became Imperial officers of the Sith Emperor, Darth Sidious, and his Sith Shadow Hand, Darth Vader. Therefore, as integral units of the Sith Empire, Imperial officers may also be conceptually categorized by the title of Sith officers, as they were indisputably officers of the Sith.



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