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Sometime following the Hundred-Year Darkness and the exile of the rogue Jedi to Moraband, a war broke out between the newly formed Sith Order and the Old Republic, during which Coruscant became a contested battleground between both factions.


At least 6,000 years before the Clone Wars,[3] a rogue Jedi rebelled against the Jedi Order, believing that following the way of the Dark Side was the key to unlocking their full potential. The Jedi was cast out[5] and during an event know as the Hundred-Year Darkness, the Sith were born.[1]

Sometime later, the Sith returned in the form of an empire, prepared to wage war against both the Republic and the Jedi Order once more. During this war, both the Jedi and Sith built massive superweapons powered by kyber crystals.[6][7]

At some point, the Sith attacked Coruscant, the capital of the Republic. The Sith managed to construct a shrine of immense power on a mountain at the heart of the planet.[3] The world became a contested battleground between both factions until the Jedi managed to drive the Sith armies off of the world.[4] The Jedi eventually would construct a temple above the site of the shrine to contain the dark energy.[3]

Although the Jedi emerged victorious during the conflict, numerous other wars against the Sith would occur over the next four thousand years, all of which would bring about the fall of the Old Republic.[8]


  • Tarkin (First mentioned; albeit indirectly)


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