Sith war sword

Sith war sword

The Sith war sword was a melee weapon used by Sith and Sith minions during the Dark Wars. They were forged with cortosis-weave metal and their double-edged staff-like appearance may have been the forebearer of the double-bladed lightsabers preferred by many Sith warriors.

Most Sith after the fall of the ancient Sith Empire wielded lightsabers in combat, though some still preferred ancient Sith war swords. Sith warriors used them for the feeling of hard metal cutting through soft flesh, and possibly for its more traditionally Sith appearance.

Also, around the time that the Dark Jedi Exiles met with the original Sith on the planet of Korriban, Dark Jedi/Sith Lord Ajunta Pall used a Sith War Sword to kill the former Sith King by decapitation.

Another type of Sith war sword existed that was not a double-bladed sword, but rather a traditional-looking sword. Instead of cortosis, the blade was treated with Sith alchemy to produce the lightsaber-impervious effect. This Sith alchemical weapon was not only able to block lightsaber attacks, but also deflect and redirect blaster bolts in much the same way as lightsabers.[1]



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