Sithless Leethe was a minor Saurian crime boss who occasionally ran scams for Jabba the Hutt. Unlike most members of his species, he wore flashy robes with sashes and did not have any visible weapons, though he always had a pair of knives up his sleeves. He was a shrewd bargainer and crafty salesman. While he was operating in Mos Eisley, he managed to sell the Limping Lady to a group of wannabe Rebels for 25,000 credits. They originally met with him in Docking Bay 35, where the Lady was docked, but finalized the deal in the Mos Eisley Cantina an hour later. The only condition he made to sell the ship at the price he offered was if the group took the Lady's current cargo to Zoma V. Though he did not tell them what this cargo was, it was in fact 10 metal crates filled with Imperial weapons. He did not trust the group, however, as he sent his lackey Slopper to accompany the group.


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