"What is this?"
"Your honor guard, noble Obi-Wan. Don't you remember being promised a 'present' by the twinned Council of Alwari Elders? This is it. They didn't want anything to happen to their new offworld friends. Especially not before the formal treaty between the Alwari and the Unity is put in place. We've been shadowing you ever since you left our camp; guarding your rear, looking for trouble, watching out for you.
―Bayaar, to Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and his companions.[src]

The Situng Borokii were a branch of the Alwari Borokii overclan on Ansion. Their warriors were considered to be the finest of all the Borokii and its subclans. It had a female representative on the Borokii Council of Elders. Bayaar was a sentry of the preeminent subclan, and he rose to eventually lead its prestigious guard.

In 22 BBY, at the conclusion of the Jedi mission to Ansion, Bayaar was appointed captain of the elite Alwari honor guard that was gifted to the Jedi diplomats from Coruscant who had come to achieve an accord between the Ansionian urbanites and the Alwari tribes, one that would protect the planet from secession and ensure its retention within the Galactic Republic.

The Alwari honor guard, charged to shadow and protect the Jedi at all costs until they had seen the Ansionian secession vote of the representatives of the Unity of Community to its conclusion, was composed not only of the Situng Borokii's finest soldiers, but also of those of the Hovsgol Januul, the preeminent subclan of Borokii-overclan rival, the Januul. In the Cuipernam skirmish with Soergg the Hutt's mercenary hunters and snipers, the Situng Borokii warriors fought side by side their once feuding tribal enemies, now their elite brethren, of the Hovsgol Januul. Because of the honor guard's valiant defense, the Jedi were able to overcome their malicious assailants and meet at last with the Unity Council, who accepted the Alwari accord. Ansion voted to remain with the Republic, and the Jedi found successful closure to a critical mission.