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"Twilight Company is fighting a battle for the heart of the galaxy. For the spirit of every ordinary man and woman and Imperial stormtrooper. Stealing food won't help us win. Killing enemies won't, either. Against might on the scale of the Empire, conventional victory is impossible—when our objectives become purely military, we've already lost the larger fight."
Micha Evon, during the aftermath of the battle of Vir Aphshire[src]

The Sixty-First Mobile Infantry, also referred to as the Sixty-First or Twilight Company was a military unit that served the Alliance to Restore the Republic under the command of Captain Micha Evon during the Galactic Civil War. The unit's patch read "Twilight survives" along the top and "Mobile Infantry" at the bottom.[1] Their headquarters was the CR90 corvette Thunderstrike with it's escort, the Braha'tok-class gunship Apailana's Promise, which carried the company's two X-wings. The soldiers of Twilight Company fought against the forces of the Galactic Empire during the Mid Rim Retreat.[1]


Twilight Company was founded by Captain Micha Evon some time before the Battle of Scarif. At one point, the company went on a mission to Allst Prime to take out Governor Magé and gain new recruits. There they killed the governor and when Twilight soldier Brand attempted to kill him for a bounty he convinced her to stay with twilight. They were present at the Battle of Scarif and escaped with the few ships that did. They also assisted in the advancement into the Mid Rim and battled on Planets such as Phorsa Gedd and Bamayar until the advancement stopped and turned into the Mid Rim Retreat.

Towards the end of the Mid Rim Retreat, Twilight Company attacked the imperial forces on Haidoral Prime and first Sergeant Hazram Namir and his squad captured Governor Everi Chalis. She offered the Alliance information on the supply lines and weaknesses of the "Imperial War Machine" in exchange for asylum in the rebellion. She supplied valuable intel on the Coyerti bio-weapons during the Coyerti campaign and Namir's squad destroyed the distillery setting back Coyerti's operations by years (according to Chalis). Following the Coyerti Campaign, the Thunderstrike was attacked by an imperial destroyer. The Thunderstrike escaped with the help of the Apailana's Promise but where then attacked again in the Enrivi system by a Light cruiser with a squadron of Tie Fighters of which they obliterated with ease. When jumping to the Chonsetta system, they were attacked a third time by a squadron of Tie Interceptors which ravaged the starboard side of the troop transport.

The engineers discovered they were being tracked through a particle leak which gave the empire their trail. The Thunderstrike desperately needed to be repair so Chalis planned a Raid on an Imperial heavy freighter of which they carried out. They got the materials they needed but lost some good soldiers including sergeants Fektrin and Maximian Ajax and Twilight soldier Cappandar. The Thunderstrike and the Apailana's Promise then travelled to the Elochar sector where a flotilla of a dozen ships, including the Sixmoon, carrying three battle companies. During their time there, the Thunderstrike was being gradually repaired whilst the soldiers visited the other ships. Whilst they were stationed there, Captain Evon, Chalis, Namir and two other soldiers Roja and Beak were meeting with General Philap Bygar and the rest of the Alliance High Command in Echo Base on Hoth where they plan to use her special expertese.

Unfortunately Echo Base was attacked and General Bygar was killed and Captain Evon, Roja and Beak were slaughtered by Darth Vader. At the same time, the imperial spies capture a Light freighter called the Trumpet's Call and kill the rebel crew as it tries to reach the flotilla. The spies then take the Trumpet's Call to the flotilla but the life support fails along the way and Twilight Company have to take them onto the Thunderstrike. The spies then storm the bridge and kill Lieutenant Sairgon and Commander Paonu but not before Sairgon warned the rest of the flotilla and the ships scattered. Brand and other Twilight soldiers then take back control and quickly evade the Imperial Star Destroyer Herald. Twilight Company then went to Ankhural where they rejoined with Namir and Chalis. They then finished repairing the Thunderstrike and had a funeral for the officers they lost. Namir took over as captain.

As the Thunderstrike finshed with repairs, Chalis plans up Operation Ringbreaker. Twilight Company started this operation and attacked multiple empire facilties on planets such as Mardona III, Nakadia and Xagobah. But when they took the factory Inyusu Tor on Sullust, the Thunderstrike was amushed and shot down and the Apailana's Promise fled the system with it's X-wings. Twilight Company was stranded with only a matter of time before the Herald would arrive. When it finally did, the local imperial forces engaged Twilight Company at the factory. Luckily, the Apailana's Promise returned to keep the Herald from bombarding Twilight Company from above. Everi Chalis then abandoned Twilight Company, stole a shuttle and let herself get captured by the Herald not knowing she had an Ion bomb inside the shuttle which set off and forced the Herald to flee. After Twilight Company fended off the ground forces, there was no threat left. They had taken Sullust. The Thunderstrike was irrepairable but the Apailana's Promise had barely survived.

Behind the scenesEdit

Twilight Company is the focus of the Battlefront: Twilight Company novel, released in 2015 and written by Alexander Freed.[1]



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