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"I have a contract from Xizor. The bounty is on Luke Skywalker."

Skahtul was a Barabel bounty hunter who captured Luke Skywalker and tried to negotiate a larger reward for the capture by playing the two factions who wanted Skywalker against each other. She admired what Luke had done against the Galactic Empire, having even some sympathies for the Alliance to Restore the Republic, but she needed money.



Skahtul, following Luke Skywalker.

"At last, Skywalker, we meet."

When the Prince Xizor of the Black Sun posted bounty on Luke Skywalker's head, Skahtul had accepted the contract. She tracked Skywalker to Tatooine where, in a cantina, met an Imperial operative, who would provide her with backup. The two planned to ambush Skywalker when he would approach Xizor, observing the Mos Espa Race. Xizor Transport Company had provided several large luxury sand barges from which spectators could watch the race; Skahtul was allowed onto Xizor's personal barge, where she waited for Skywalker to arrive.[1]

After finally spotting the young Jedi, Skahtul stepped in front of him, armed with a heavy blaster pistol. However, Skywalker was more then ready for the encounter, because he had lured the bounty hunter into his trap, and not the other way around. During the battle an errant blaster bolt hit the steering vane for the sail barge, and it began to careen out of control. Following the barge's crash into sand, Skahtul saw no sign of the Jedi, but was determined to continue her pursuit.[1]


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