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Skahtul's coalition was a small band of relatively competent but otherwise obscure bounty hunters under the leadership of the Barabel hunter Skahtul. In 3.5 ABY, after learning of two competing exorbitant bounties offered for Rebel Alliance Jedi Luke Skywalker—one from the Galactic Empire and the other from the Black Sun criminal syndicate—Skahtul supplemented her entourage with a number of additional hired guns to go after the reward. Skahtul knew that she and her associates had little chance of capturing the powerful Jedi given his superior combat skills, so she hoped instead to overwhelm him with superior numbers.

Skahtul's coalition succeeded in capturing Skywalker on the planet Kothlis. While holding the Jedi captive, Skahtul hoped to play both the Empire and Black Sun against one another to drive up the bounty reward even higher, but Skywalker soon escaped, leaving Skahtul and her group with nothing.