"You've got to get us out of here! They're trying to kill me!"
―Skall Delos[src]

Skall Delos was a male Human who made a living as a podracer, during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


A career as a podracerEdit

Delos was born on Alderaan and spent his childhood exploring the planet's vast open expanses. When he was 12, he saw a holovid of a podrace for the first time, and he immediately became obsessed with the sport. He spent all his spare time researching it and learning about new pilots to the sport. When he turned 18, he joined the Alderaanian military, where he trained as a pilot. He became skilled at his job and planned to become a podracer when he finished his tour of duty with the military.

Following his discharge, he made his way to the Outer Rim Territories in search of his new career. However, he soon learned that Humans weren't considered skilled enough to be podracers. After several years, he joined the Bothan Von Qesta as his team's pilot. With Qesta as his partner, he was able to become one of the top ten pilots on the podracing circuit, and he began racing in a modified Sorin v3 Avalon pod.

Trouble on CularinEdit

Delos was friends with the slicer Barrit Bosch, and after Bosch was hired by Alina Impeveri to create a forged recording implicating her father, Counselor Westa Impeveri, in having dealings with the Trade Federation, Bosch gave a copy of the recording to Delos. However, Bosch was killed shortly afterwards, and Delos vowed to avenge his friend. He traveled to the planet Cularin to race in the Cularin Swamp Run, which he planned to win and then announce from the winner's podium that the castigation of Counselor Impeveri was false.

On arrival on Cularin, Delos contacted the office of Counselor Impeveri, telling them that he had information that could clear Impeveri of all the charges that he faced, but that he wouldn't be releasing the information until after the race. He also contacted the Metatheran Cartel and told them that the person who had hired Bosch had done so to undermine all traders in the Cularin system, including the Cartel. As a result, both Impeveri and the Cartel had reason to ensure that Delos survived the race.

The race began, but Alina Impeveri and her thugs caused Delos's pod to crash and then tried to find him, to prevent him from revealing that it was she who had ordered the creation of the recording. However, he evaded capture. The Cartel hired the Heroes of Cularin, a group of freelance agents, to find Delos and bring him back, and they set out to the crash site. To confuse them, Impeveri placed Force illusions on three of her minions: Tot, Aeios and Naren, to make them all resemble Delos. However, just after the heroes encountered them, Delos ran over to them and begged them to help him. They rescued him, and with they information he provided, Westa Impeveri was vindicated.

Personality and traitsEdit

Delos was Force-sensitive, although he did not know it. He was multi-lingual and in addition to Basic, he could speak Bothese and Huttese.