The Skandrei Bandits were a gang of pirates who operated in the Kathol Outback during the early years of the New Republic. A successful organization, they targeted the colonies and settlements located throughout the Outback. Generally, they raided one or two settlements a month, stealing high-tech equipment and foodstuffs. Anything they had no real use for was sold on to other colonies through third parties, or sold on Pembric II.

The Bandits operated a fleet of six or seven small capital ships, such as modified Corporate Sector Authority Etti Lighters and several starfighters. The fleet was generally split into several smaller units, and would only come together to hit a potentially valuable or well-defended target.

Their base of operations was unknown, although rumors persisted that they maintained a space station in the expanse of the Marcol Void.

The success and firepower of the Bandits caused colonies and settlements to engage in mutual defense treaties, or band together in political union.

In 8 ABY, Gorak Khzam led the Bandits to Kathol to obtain DarkStryder technology. They fought in the Battle of Kathol System, and were targeted heavily by the Aing-Tii ships.