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Skar was a Human male Sith Lord of the Sith Empire in the Cold War. After his time at the Korriban Academy, Lord Skar was Darth Thanaton’s apprentice. During the Battle of Corellia in 3641 BBY Thanaton removed the commander of the 115th staioned at the Islands Outpost and had Skar replace him. After Thanaton's rival Kallig defeated Skar as part of the Kaggath, Skar agreed to tell Thanaton's plan. He then informed his Master's rival that Thanaton intended to destroy the fuel refinery for Kallig's fleet. When Thanaton fled a duel with Kallig in presense of multiple Sith and Imperials, Skar informed Kallig that Thanaton was headed for Korriban to enlist the assistance of the Dark Council.


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