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Skarsk was a male Trandoshan who was the twin brother of Skeesk.


During the Cold War, the twins both served as bodyguards to Darth Skotia, who was the master of Darth Zash. They were treated terribly as slaves by Skotia, who showed that he was more powerful, and that they were weak. The twins held a grudge against him, but they were forced to obey since they were no match against the powerful Sith Lord or the dark side. When the Sith Inquisitor was sent by Lord Zash to assassinate Skotia, the Sith Lord ordered Skarsk and Skeesk to kill the Inquisitor and Khem Val. Seeing that the Inquisitor was wearing the tablet, the twins refused to kill Zash's apprentice and turn against Skotia for treating them as slaves. The Inquisitor told the twins to attack Skotia, but for their foolishness resulted in their deaths.


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