Skein was a Jedi Master who served the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic during the final decade of the Republic Classic era.


A Force-sensitive, Skein was trained in the ways of the Force by the Jedi Order, eventually attaining the rank of Jedi Master. When the Separatist Crisis in the Galactic Republic devolved into open war against the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Master Skein was raised to the rank of General within the Grand Army of the Republic. Due to the Confederacy's employment of Force-users and other dangerous beings, the Jedi High Council found it necessary to reopen an ancient prison facility known as The Prism. Assigning Skein to the facility in secret, the warden of the clandestine space station was attended by one hundred security droids to assist in the day to day operations of the facility. During the Clone Wars, Master Obi-Wan Kenobi visited the facility to conduct a survey of the living conditions of the prisoners. By the end of the war, the facility was attended by another Jedi Master.[1]


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