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Vicious, medium-sized, hematophagous flying reptomammals, skettos dwelled in the caverns of Tatooine. Only emerging when light conditions were at their lowest, these four-winged beasts possessed excellent twilight vision to assist in the consumption of airborne insects. Skettos fell into the reptomammal class, being warm-blooded and giving live birth to a single offspring at a time.


Sketto swarm.

The most horrifying part of a sketto's life was its tendency to swarm with others of its kind to suck the blood of large, sleeping mammals. Their large, frightening teeth helped to puncture the toughest of hides, and legend had it that a sketto swarm could suck a sleeping dewback dry overnight. Despite being a reptomammal, they bled green blood.

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Example of a Sketto's cry
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Another example of a Sketto's cry
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