Skijid Vrescot was a J'feh crime lord as well as the appointed Count of Cheelit. He had purchased the Wheel from Doffen Gaitag of Qiraash for the sole purpose of opening a vast distribution network for Tirefin spice throughout the Outer Rim Territories. As such, he had also had the recycling systems of the station to refine the tirefin spice to maximum potency. However, his reign ended up short lived due to the dangerous line of work of spice dealing, when he made the error of ensuring that the Glottalphib piratess Kliskud had free reign in attacking ships that came onto territory in exchange for driving out rival spice gangs, resulting in driving away even potential high-stakes customers. Their partnership came to an end, although it resulted in Vrescot being eaten by Kliskud.


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