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"I used to have a heaping serving of skillet-cooked hash for breakfast every morning during my days as a brawler on Ord Mantell."
―Dex's menu mentions his use of a skillet.[src]

Skillets were cooking utensils used during the reign of the Galactic Republic.

The Besalisk chef Dexter Jettster ate skillet-cooked "Besalisk's Bellyful" hash every morning during his time working as a brawler on the planet Ord Mantell. He later served the dish in an eatery called Dex's Diner, which he owned in the CoCo Town district of the planet Coruscant. Dex served the skillet-cooked dish[1] prior to the eatery's destruction in 19 BBY.[2]

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Skillets were first mentioned in the 2009 Hyperspace-exclusive article Dining at Dex's, which was written by Gregory Walker.


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