The Skinchanger was a transport that was captained by Prit Kessek, a female Clawdite who worked for the Zygerrian slavers as a courier, while the Gran Kloofus acted as the ship's second-in-command. At some point during the time of the Galactic Republic, the Skinchanger traveled to Bazarre, a space station in the Mosu system, to pick up some credits that were to be taken to the planet Zygerria on the behalf of the shipping magnate Brevis Taug. The transport landed in Docking Bay 117 aboard the station and there, a group of agents who were investigating the transfer of Taug's funds attacked Kessek and Kloofus, and they seized control of the ship. The agents then flew to the space station Besh gate, in orbit of Zygerria, where the Zygerrian ship Scourge was waiting to rendezvous with Kessek.