Skinflayer was a non-sentient reptilian species. Skinflayers had two legs, large arms with four claws on each hand, a short tail, spikes on their heads and a mouth full of sharp teeth. Skinflayers could be found in jungle enviromnents of Belsavis and Taral V. A Skinflayer named Fleshripper was owned by the Hutt Suudaa Nem'ro on Nal Hutta[1], while another Skinflayer named Mister Ripper was a pet of Thades Gorkultok, a gladiator in the Arena Grand of Zakuul.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Skinflayers were created for Star Wars: The Old Republic. They appear as enemies during "Taral V" flashpoint and can also be found on Belsavis, most prominently in Section X.


Notes and referencesEdit

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