Skinker was a Human junk trader and local criminal.


Based on Feriae Junction, Skinker was a bald, obese man with an intricately groomed beard. Working from his salvage yard, Skinker hired Beilert Valance to capture or kill a number of wanted criminals—of which some were Skinker's rivals. In exchange for completed works, Skinker gave Valance droids for destruction and information regarding Luke Skywalker's whereabouts.

When the Imperial Starfleet completed its blockade of the Yavin system, Skywalker and a team of Rebel Alliance operatives sought parts and supplies from Junction. Skinker passed information about Skywalker's arrival to Valance, who rashly attempted to capture the young Jedi. Valance blasted a magnetically sealed door to reach Skywalker, killing Skinker and Polyp, his aide, in the process.



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