Skinning the Mynock was an area in Eskaron which at least one race course went through. The tunnel there split into a figure 8, which could potentially cause racers to cross each other's paths. A short distance after the first figure 8, the tunnel split again in another figure 8. In the middle of this 8 was a portion of tunnel which narrowed such that a pilot would have to flip upright to pass through. In crossing each other's paths or in the narrow tunnel, a pilot would come close enough to colliding to skin an attached mynock off of a hull.

In 32 BBY, Blood Raptors member Gael Kinner's G-59 Cannibalizer and Rodian intimidated entrepreneur Teeloo's YT-1210 Neeva-Beelo raced through Eskaron, passing through this area. Immediately after it, Kinner was forced to shoot the Z-95 of a pilot from another race.