The Series 24 was a next-generation model of the Skipray Blastboat manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems, which saw active service during the Second Galactic Civil War. One variant was known as the Skipray 24r Blastboat, and was designed for the single role of attacking Capital ships, specifically for hit-and-fade attacks on enemy fleet formations.


The Series 24 Skipray was a little bigger than the classic GAT-12 of the Galactic Civil War, and was considered a more capable combat vessel. The r-model was particularly feared, boasting twice the missile capacity, improved aiming systems and cutting-edge sensor countermeasures. Its two ion engines were also modified for extra power. In spite of their strengths, r-series Skiprays were considered vulnerable in dogfights, and usually went into action with a starfighter escort.

The Skipray 24r had a large crew. There were seats on the flight deck for a pilot, co-pilot, and a third crewmember who handled the deflector shields, concussion missiles and jamming systems, assisted by an astromech at the adjacent communications console. There were two gunners' positions in turrets on the top and bottom of the hull, accessed by hatches in the deck and ceiling of the cabin.

Behind the flight deck was a small passenger compartment, and astern of that was a small airlock for use in space, exited through the underbelly of the hull.

A force of r-series Skiprays was acquired by the Jedi Coalition during their efforts against Galactic Alliance Chief of State Darth Caedus's forces and those of the Imperial Remnant at the Second Battle of Roche. Many of the pilots of these craft were former members of the Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet who had deserted upon realizing the true nature of their new commander-in-chief.