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"Those droids back at the old farmhouse. I guess I'm supposed to think that was your gang? That you just turned bad after all these years?"
"That's certainly what has occurred. I have been a very bad droid.
―Zuvio questions CZ-1G5 about his motives[src]

A skirmish took place on the desert planet Jakku in and around an abandoned moisture farm between Constable Zuvio of the Niima Outpost and the droid posse of Rikard Lovas. After Lovas used the CZ unit CZ-1G5 to fake the robbery of his own banking starship, CZ-1G5 escaped into the Jakku desert and rendezvoused with other droids. Zuvio was led away from Niima as he tracked the droid in a bid to learn the truth about the robbery. Zuvio ended up destroying several of the droids, including CZ-1G5, and then returned to Niima to arrest Lovas before the banker could murder two other Niima deputies.[1]

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