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"Ten to one he'll fight too."
"Oh, he'll fight, all right. He's way too stupid to realize that anyone who can make a Connor net that big will have plenty of other tricks up his sleeve.
Maris Ferasi and Dubrak Qennto discussing Progga[src]

A skirmish occurred in a star system in the Unknown Regions in 27 BBY. Progga the Hutt had been attacking the Bargain Hunter and following them even when they made hyperspace jumps. He was doing this in an attempt to hijack them and steal their cargo of rare furs and firegems which were supposed to be delivered to Progga's rivel Drixo the Hutt. Before Progga and Dubrak Qennto finished talking (Qennto trying to reason with Progga) the Chiss fired a Conner net at both of the ships. While the Bargain Hunter was place out of commission, Progga's starship was built to resist the Conner nets. Progga, prepared to fight, turned his starship around to confront the beings who had launched the nets; Picket Force Two of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force composed of a cruiser and three fighter escorts commanded by Mitth'raw'nuruodo. What issued was a six minute fight between Progga and the Springhawk[1]

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The Skirmish between the Chiss and Progga was described in Outbound Flight released in 2006 and written by Timothy Zahn. However, the skirmish it was not given a name in the novel.


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