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A skirmish took place at the Riverview Café in the city of Varlo on the planet Roonadan in 44 ABY. The Imperial Moff Tol Getelles had been performing experiments with drochs on three Squibs, Sligh, Emala, and Grees, and began planning with recently-ousted Chief of State Natasi Daala to assist her in a coup of the Imperial Remnant against Head of State Jagged Fel. The Squibs spied on Getelles during the experiments, and later offered to meet with Han and Leia Solo to give them information. They met at the Riverview Café, but were almost immediately set upon by thugs hired by Getelles, who did not want his secrets to be revealed. Nevertheless, the Solos and Squibs escaped alive, and the Squibs relayed all of their information to the Solos in return for passage to Coruscant. As a result, Fel was prepared for Daala's treachery, and was able to survive her assassination attempt and lead his forces in battle against her over the planet Exodo II.

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