Skirmish in the Sundari dock warehouse

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Skirmish in the Sundari dock warehouse

21 BBY[1]


Sundari dock warehouse, Mandalore


Victory for the New Mandalorians


New Mandalorians

Moogan smugglers

  • Tee Va
  • 2 Moogan smugglers
  • 3 Gotals
  • 2 Mandalorian Royal Guard
  • Mandalorian police captain wounded

A skirmish in a dock warehouse in Sundari, Mandalore occurred circa 21 BBY, between Moogan smugglers and forces led by New Mandalorian Duchess Satine Kryze and visiting Senator Padmé Amidala.


Around 21 BBY,[2] smugglers led by the Moogan Tee Va and assisted by Gotals came to the New Mandalorian capital city, Sundari, where they distributed bottled tea diluted with a hazardous chemical, slabin; the resulting admixture thus doubled their profits. All the while, the smugglers paid off the on-planet customs officials to distribute the product and overlook the illicit operation.[3][4] The mixture ended up in the hands of countless Sundari schoolchildren, who became sick and were hospitalized across the city and the planet.

Night of the skirmishEdit


Duchess Satine and Senator Amidala witness the Moogans bribing the customs official

The Moogans returned a few days later with another shipment of tea and once again bribed customs with Republic credit ingots. Two Mandalorian police officers were used as guards for the dock warehouse in which the Moogans mixed the slabin with the tea. Not willing to comply with the police captain escorted by Duchess Satine Kryze and Senator Padmé Amidala, the guards were cornered and began to fight back. They were quickly defeated and the investigating group gained access to the warehouse.

Seeing how they had been caught in the process of making more slabin-rich tea, Tee Va and his crew took up arms against Kryze, Satine, and the accompanying New Mandalorian police forces and Mandalorian Royal Guard. The Moogans and their Gotal counterparts took down the police captain and two Royal Guards. However, the victory was short-lived, as Amidala and the remaining Royal Guard pushed forward a shipping container and closed in on the smugglers' position, killing one Moogan crew member and a few Gotals. Tee Va, his surviving smugglers, and the assisting Mandalorians were arrested, and the smuggled products were subsequently destroyed with flamethrowers by the order of Satine.[3]


With the Moogans arrested and their plans decimated, the investigation continued into whom could have given the smugglers the access they needed to poison the schoolchildren. Duchess Kryze asked Amidala if there was someone outside of Mandalore who would be able to investigate. The individual turned out to be Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano. Tano was assigned to teach a handful of students at the Royal Academy of Government on how to detect corruption. In the process of teaching her students, it was discovered that the criminal operation was ultimately linked to Almec, the Prime Minister of the New Mandalorians. Tano and Kryze learned that Almec began communicating with the Moogans in order to smuggle products to the surface and establish a black market on the planet. Almec had Tano and her cadets imprisoned by Mandalorian Secret Service. He attempted to force Kryze to sign a confession of conspiracy, but she refused, forcing him to engage in tortuous methods. Soon thereafter, Tano and her students, having broken free from imprisonment, rescued Kryze and placed Almec in his own shock collar. Almec was subsequently arrested by the true police of Mandalore, and the conspiracy was thought to have been contained.[5]



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