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A skirmish occurred on Dagobah during the Yuuzhan Vong War.


A group of Shamed Ones managed to steal a ship from an Intendant and headed to Dagobah in search of the world of prophecy.

Originally on Dagobah to go to the Dark Side Cave, Tahiri Veila soon found herself followed by Yuuzhan Vong.

The battleEdit

The Shamed Ones, hunted by the warriors, teamed up with Tahiri. The Shamed Ones were armed with clubs, which, compared to the Warrior's Amphistaffs, put them at a disadvantage.

The battle didn't last long, as soon it was down to Tahiri and a tracker of the Shamed Ones versus three Warriors. Tahiri dispatched two warriors and the tracker managed to impale the last Yuuzhan Vong (who was also the leader) on his own Amphistaff.


Tahiri and the tracker, who revealed his name to be Hul Qat, hid while Hul asked if Dagobah was the planet their Prophet saw. Knowing he would die soon, Tahiri lied and told him it was, and Hul asked for her to tell Yu'shaa about it, to which Tahiri truthfully promised she would.