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"Someone tipped off the Imperials. They knew exactly where my people were meeting."
Del Hunter[src]

A skirmish took place on Kabaira in 3 BBY, shortly before the Galactic Civil War.

The skirmishEdit

A secret meeting between Kabairan Rebels in the city of Eponte was attacked by Imperial troopers after they where informed by a Rebel traitor: Blaide. Six Rebels were killed. Chaz Hunter and Blaide were captured and jailed in the Imperial headquarters. Othes Rebels, the leader Dodger, Midget and Chaz's father Del Hunter, managed to escape. Severely injured, Del Hunter was rescued by a friend, free-trader Captain Tere Metallo, in the Eponte Spaceport. However Metallo's second, Imperial deserter Matt Turhaya, was recognized by an Imperial lieutenant and arrested during the search for Rebels.

Tere Metallo accepted to help the Rebels in infiltrating the Imperial headquarters in order to free Turhaya and the captured Rebels. Metallo and Midget managed to access the cells thanks to Midget disguised in Imperial medic. They liberated Matt Turhaya, Chaz Hunter and Blaide and left the buldings. They were about to escape when Blaide revealed his treachery and tried to kill Metallo. Turhaya was injured saving her and Metallo shot down Blaide. They eventually arrived to the spaceport and the Rebels fled Kabaira in Tere Metallo's Star Quest. The ship was attacked by Z-95 Headhunters during the escape but it escaped swiftly into hyperspace.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Essential Reader's Companion places Passages in 3 BBY although it features the Alliance to Restore the Republic, created in 2 BBY.



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