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The Skirmish on Mere was a minor battle that would pave the way for Nym to recruit a new ally in his fight against the Trade Federation.


At 24 BBY a Trade Federation Pleasure Liner Syren was attacked and sunk by Mere pirates lead by Sol Sixxa, killing Lord Toat and stealing a prototype cloaking device. Ambassador Loreli Ro would hire Nym to track down and stop Sol Sixxa from committing anymore terrorist attacks as it would bring her people into the crossfire. Nym would be given an unarmed Cutter called Sunrunner which he modified with his Bomblet generator and brought his crew which included a Rodian Clan to fit with the numbers need to fight Sixxa's forces.

Nym would learn of Sixxa's threat assessment through the wreckage of the Syren as well as PL-37's disclosure of the theft. Nym wouldn't realise that PL-37 was able to be tracked by Trade Federation forces lead by Harro Ruuk, who had been on the Syren when it was attacked, and they would muster their forces and strike once both forces were exhausted from fighting each other. Harro wanted to reclaim the prototype device for himself so his forces were relatively minor, to not draw the attention of the Trade Federation Directorate.

The BattleEdit

Nym, after being outfitted with a Hand cannon, knew from experience as a pirate that his ship would be attacked halfway through the Haunted Straits and his assessment was correct when Sixxa would attack. Nym, killing some of Sixxa's soldiers with his, ordered a Code Green and his Rodian warriors attacked through trapdoors, while Sixxa, fighting off the Rodians then called his pirate speeders. However, Nym then countered his strategy with Jinkins revealing the Bomblet generator turret which he used to destroy some of the speeders. Realising that he was outplayed, Sixxa ordered a retreat and sliced of Nym's hand cannon. It was then that Nym would realise that Sixxa's ship, the Revenant was housing a cloaking device as Sol Sixxa stabbed Jannik through the chest heavily wounding him.

Trade Federation arrivalEdit

Nym then pursued Sixxa by jumping onto the ship, with Kole, Loreli Ro and some Rodians in pursuit. The two would duel with them going overboard. Kole would then disable the Cloaking Device and just then a squad of gunboats with battle droids onboard to secure both ships. Nym and Sixxa washed ashore at the Invisible Island, they noticed the situation developing and would form a plan.

Sixxa then returned fighting the battle droids on his ship, while Jinkins who was contemplating whether to fire on the Revenant was then told by Nym to overload the Bomblet generator and get Jannik and the rest to a life pod. Nym then set the Sunrunner on a collision with the Revenant as Kole and Loreli jumped overboard.


Loreli would rescue Nym from drowning, "assuring" Loreli that Sixxa was dead. Three weeks later, Nym in his Havoc would arrive in the Island to forge an alliance with Sixxa who was in fact alive.