A skirmish on Paklan involved the Sith Nightbrothers Darth Maul and Savage Opress battling several bounty hunters at a diner.


After the skirmish on Pleem's Nexus, Darth Maul and Savage Opress traveled to the forest world of Paklan. They had attracted the attention of the Gossam businessman, Ja'Boag. Shortly before the skirmish, Zika had tracked Maul and Opress to a diner on Paklan. Zika met with Toomey and told him that they were hiding out in a diner. They met up with a band of bounty hunters outside the diner, and began to send in the hunters to claim the price on their heads.

The SkirmishEdit

"Drop any weapons and raise your hands"
―Toomey to Darth Maul and Savage Opress inside his Diner[src]

After meeting with the band of bounty hunters outside the diner, Toomey decided to send in a Falleen hunter so that he may help negotiate their surrenders. This was that the case, however, as Darth Maul used The Force to throw him out and strangle him, shortly after he walked in. Zika stated this was more than enough proof that Maul and his brother were inside the diner, and took his payment and ran off.

Toomey and the other hunters decided to walk in, and they demanded that Maul and Savage drop their weapons and surrender. Maul then commanded Savage to deal with the hunters. Both Maul and Savage dealt with them very easily.


"Who is this Ja'Boag?"
―Darth Maul interrogating Toomey inside his Diner[src]

Once Maul and Savage had Killed all of the bounty hunters, only Toomey remained. They questioned him, violently, and discovered that Ja'Boag, who was the head of Rim Commercial Mining had placed a price on their heads for unknown reasons. They also learned that Ja'Boag was also in charge of mining operations on Moorjhone, and that he would be there. Maul and Savage continued on to Moorjhone, but first.


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