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A skirmish was fought on Pleem's Nexus around 20 BBY involving the Sith Nightbrothers Darth Maul and Savage Opress against several Jedi and their clone forces in addition to other forces.


"We've arrived."
―Savage Opress upon arriving on Pleem's Nexus[src]

Once Darth Maul, Savage Opress and their female captive left Yellowblade's Landing, they proceeded to Pleem's Nexus to meet with Esano so that they may get their reward for rescuing his sister, but the Jedi who were chasing them back on Yellowblade's Landing were not far behind. Due to Bruu Jun-Fan's psychometric ability, he learned that the Sith were en route to Pleem's Nexus just by "reading" the headband that the female captive had left behind.

Meanwhile, on Coruscant, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker had been recalled to aid in the hunt for the two Sith. Before he leaves, however, he speaks with Supreme Chancellor Palpatine about not being able to attend the Senate War Rally that was to take place later on that day, by revealing to the Chancellor that he is to partake in the apprehension of Darth Maul and his brother. Unbeknownst to Skywalker though, Palpatine is the Sith Lord Darth Sidious who trained Maul years before. Much to Palpatine's surprise that Maul is still alive, he wishes his friend to be careful in the apprehension.

Once Maul and Opress reached Pleem's Nexus, they landed at Esano's palace, with his sister requesting that he pays the Sith their reward for rescuing her, otherwise, they would kill her. Esano ignores this because with her dead, their family fortune would be his. Maul, infuriated with Esano, attacked him.

The skirmishEdit

"That's no way to treat a sibling. Much less a rather pathetic sister"
―Darth Maul to Esano in regards to the latter's sister[src]

Once Esano said that Maul and Opress should kill his sister, the two Sith started striking down Esano, his sister's pet kerko, and his guards. The two rogues made short work of them, yet Esano's sister still remained alive. Maul told her that the palace was now hers, and in return, she gave them their reward, as promised. Moment's later, however, the Jedi strike team that had been pursuing them had made their way to Pleem's Nexus, and had landed at the palace.

Plo Koon, Bruu Jun-Fan, Ko Solok, and three clone troopers greeted the two Sith with their lightsabers and blasters in hand. Plo Koon focused on Opress, while Jun-Fan and Solok focused on Maul, with the clones providing cover fire. Jun-Fan asked Maul about his former master, and claimed that if he told them his identity, that he would be brought to justice. As this was not part of Maul's plan, he did not tell them the identity of Darth Sidious.

During the battle, Jun-Fan destroyed the case that had the reward that belonged to Maul and Opress. At one point, Opress used The Force to push two of the clones off the landing platform, and deflect a blaster bolt at the other clone, and then pulled Plo Koon's breath mask off of his face. Plo Koon, injured, could no longer fight in this battle and began to gasp for air. At another point, Maul threw his lightsaber at Jun-Fan, but Jun-Fan dodged the weapon. Ko Solok was right behind him, however, and died in the process. Jun-Fan became enraged because of this action, and fought more aggressively. Jun-Fan began to choke Maul with his bare hands, but Maul used his mechanical legs to kick him off.

Just as Maul was about to finish off the Jedi Master, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi arrived in their starfighters and injured Opress with the laser cannons. Once they land, Maul and Opress leave in their stolen starship, as Kenobi and Skywalker tend to Plo Koon and Bruu Jun-Fan.


After Darth Maul and Opress left the Pleem's Nexus system, Plo Koon got his breath mask back on, and began to breathe once more, and he rushed to the body of Bruu Jun-Fan and heard his final words before he became one with the Force. Skywalker, disappointed that the two brothers had escaped again, was then told by Esano's sister that they only escaped with the ship they had arrived in, and that they were missing their reward. Maul, wrought with revenge travels on with his injured brother into the unknown.


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