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This skirmish took place on Ranklinge, in the city of Janusar, when corrupt patroller Sergeant Whisteer and his subordinates tried to squeeze money out of a group of five stormtrooper deserters. From a spaceport worker, Krinkins the stormtroopers learned how the corrupt Patroller Chief Cav'Saran and his subordinates had effectively taken over the entire city. Together with at least eight honest ex-patrollers, led by Colonel Atmino, the stormtroopers took control of Patroller Central, killing Cav'Saran, Sergeant Whisteer, and five other corrupt patrollers in the process. After all of the corrupt patrollers had been dealt with, Daric LaRone, leader of the stormtrooper group, left the city under Atmino's care and left the planet with his companions.

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