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During the Search for the Kyber Saber, a skirmish took place on the planet Zoh between the Freemakers, Jek, Graballa, and Naare. After N-3RO incited the droids of Zoh to attack the Freemakers and Jek, Roger tried to save the humans' lives by using his transmission pack to summon Naare and Graballa. Naare and Graballa's ships bombarded the junkyard planet. While Jek held back Naare, the Freemakers escaped into hyperspace and traveled to Hoth to reach the seventh Kyber Saber crystal before Naare and Graballa did.[1]


After losing the fourth, fifth, and sixth Kyber Saber crystals to Naare and the Hutt crime lord Graballa, Rowan Freemaker convinced his siblings Zander and Kordi Freemaker to travel to the junkyard planet Zoh and seek the help of the enigmatic Maker of Zoh. They decided not to travel to Hoth, the resting place of the seventh Kyber Saber crystal, since doing so would allow Naare and Graballa to find it. To prevent Naare from tracking them down, Zander also removed the transmission pack from the B1 battle droid Roger. According to Roger, the Maker was a droid myth whispered in repair shops.[1]

Upon entering Zoh's atmosphere, the Freemakers discovered that the planet was covered in junk that had been arranged into beautiful double helix structures. After disembarking, the Freemakers encountered several droids led by N-3RO. These droids had been discarded on the junkyard world by their former owners and were suspicious of the organic visitors. After learning that the Freemakers had removed Roger's transmission pack, N-3RO ordered the droids to attack. A scuffle broke out but was stopped by the former Sith clone Jek-14, who reassured his droids that the Freemakers were not a threat and were welcome on his world.[1]

The skirmishEdit

Droid mutinyEdit

Jerk-14 allowed the Freemakers to pick up salvage. While initially reluctantly, he agreed to train Rowan in the ways of the JJedi after learning that the boy had been manipulated by the Sith Naare. Despite Jek-14's intercession, N-3RO was still hostile towards the Freemakers and convinced the other droids that the visitors would corrupt the Maker. Following a spat between Roger and Zander and Kordi, N-3RO also tried to sow discord between the battle droid and his human masters. While treating Roger to an oil bath, N-3RO sent BL-OX to lead Zander and Kordi into a trap.[1]

Under the pretext of leading them to a place where they could find better scrap, BL-OX led Zander and Kordi into a trap. Meanwhile, Jek-14 taught Rowan to use the Force to assemble junk into shapes such as speeder bikes. While riding their bikes, Rowan and Jek-14 found N-3RO and the mutinous droids preparing to crush Zander and Kordi with a crane. Jek-14 tried to reason with the droids but N-3RO convinced them that the visitors had corrupted the Maker. Rowan managed to create an improvised transport and send his siblings to safety. However, the droids overpowered the four humans and took them captive.[1]

Deeming the Maker irreparable, N-3RO ordered the droids to crush the Freemakers and Jek-14 to death with a heavy object. Before they could carry out the execution, Roger arrived and demanded to know what was going on. N-3RO claimed that he was deactivating his human masters so that he could be free. However, Roger refused to abandon his family and reaffirmed that he was both a droid and a Freemaker. Roger then reattached the transmission pack in an effort to bring Naare and Graballa to attack N-3RO and the mutinous droids.[1]

Flight from ZohEdit

As Roger had hoped, Naare and Graballa's ships Eclipse Fighter and Rancor's Fist arrived and began bombarding the junk planet. N-3RO tried to warn the intruders away but was blasted by the Rancor's Fist's cannons. Roger reunited with the Freemakers, who thanked him for bringing more "bad guys" to fight the other "bad guys." While Jek-14 engaged Naare in a lightsaber duel, the Freemakers escaped aboard the StarScavenger into space. Naare managed to gain the upper hand over Jek-14 by burying him under a mountain of rubble. The Freemakers then challenged Naare and Graballa to race them to Hoth for the seventh Kyber Saber crystal.[1]


Following the skirmish, the droids of Zoh realized that N-3RO had misled them. To punish him for betraying the Maker, BL-0X fastened him with a restraining bolt. Despite their fears, the Maker survived the battle and dug himself out of the mountain of scrap and rubble.[1] Following an arduous race, the Freemakers landed on Hoth and managed to retrieve the seventh Kyber Saber crystal. However, they were stranded after the StarScavenger was trapped beneath a frozen lake. The Freemakers then fought a brief skirmish against Naare and Graballa's forces at Echo Base. After tricking Naare, Rowan and his family fled offworld with the seventh Kyber Saber crystal.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Skirmish on Zoh serves as the climax of the LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Season One episode "The Maker of Zoh", which first premiered on Disney XD on August 8, 2016.


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