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"I am a bomb. Unauthorized access, manipulation, or interference with me or my programming, data storage modules, or other systems will result in detonation of four point two kilos of plitex nine explosive.…I have identified a class three threat and in accordance with my programming am taking appropriate action. Detonation sequence activated. Countdown initiated."
―A-Cee, before self-destructing — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

During the year 1 BBY,[2] a skirmish between Rebel Alliance agents and the Galactic Empire took place aboard the starship Star of Empire. When the Imperial cadet Kyle Katarn decided to defect to the Alliance, Governor Dol Donar II dispatched the bounty hunter Slyder and several Imperial soldiers to bring in Katarn and kill the Rebel agents who were conspiring with him. However, Katarn and the agents Jan Ors. Rosco Ross, and Ris Waller were able to escape aboard the ship Truly Sorry. Their droid, A-Cee, however, was captured by Slyder on the Star of Empire and was brought to Donar. The governor didn't want to risk losing the rebels, and decided to chase them on his yacht, bringing along Slyder, his son Nathan Donar III, A-Cee, and several others. When a technician attempted to reactivate A-Cee, the droid recognized Nathan's Imperial officer's uniform. Having been programmed to self-destruct at the sight of said uniform, A-Cee verbally announced his imminent self-destruction, much to the Imperial's horror. Thoroughly displeased with the Imperials, Slyder killed the Donars before A-Cee destructed, destroying the Donar yacht and allowing the rebels to escape.[1]


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