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"After the second assassination attempt, Murtog and Sechel found a lead. I hired those mercenaries to follow up on it. But before they could, the Emperor decided to interfere, forcing me to bring you in. Your arrival left me with an excess of outside agents, so I told Sechel to instruct the mercenaries try to take you out of the picture. Consider it a test."
"Of course."
"If they managed to kill you, then you weren't worthy of serving me. If you killed them, then you proved that they were a waste of resources. Either way, I would be left with the most suitable candidate for the job."
―Darth Nyriss and Scourge[src]

In 3954 BBY a skirmish took place outside of Darth Nyriss' stronghold on the planet Dromund Kaas. After the Sith Lord Scourge arrived at Nyriss' stronghold he was attacked by two mercenaries. During the brief battle both mercenaries were killed.


"A thousand apologies, my lord. Some Subjugates lack a proper understanding of our customs."
―Sechel, about the mercenaries[src]

In 3954 BBY after the second attempt on her life Dark Councilor Darth Nyriss hired two mercenaries to follow up a lead that her security chief Murtog and her advisor Sechel discovered. Before they could do their job the Sith Emperor intervened forcing Nyriss to ask the Sith Lord Scourge for help. After Scourge's arrival on Dromund Kaas she had Sechel escort him to her stronghold and also order the mercenaries to kill the Sith Lord.[1]


"Tell me who hired you and I'll let you live."
"Do I look that stupid?"
"You're obviously skilled. I can use someone like you. Tell me who hired you, and I'll let you work for me. That, or throw your life away."
―Scourge and the female mercenary[src]

Shortly after arriving at Nyriss' stronghold a speeder, containing the mercenaries, opened fire on Scourge forcing him to flee and take cover behind the statue of the Sith Emperor. As the speeder attempted to make a second strafing run, Scourge stepped out and threw his lightsaber at the speeder damaging the back end. Shortly after the speeder clipped the statue he was hiding behind and crash landed. The Sith Lord charged the disorrinted male as the female drew her blaster pistols and opened fire on the Sith in an attempt to cover her partner. In response Scourge leapt over the damaged speeder and slew the male mercenary before he could open fire with his blaster rifle.[1]

In retaliation for her partners' death she fired another barrage at the Sith and managed to clip his shoulder. In anger Scourge unleashed a force wave that blasted her into a nearby statue. After regaining her balance she pulled out an electrorod, while dropping into a fighting crouch. As they circled each other Scourge offered her a chance to live in exchange for the identity of the person who hired them. Before she could make a decision, she was shot by Nyriss's security chief and five guards.[1]


"Clean this mess up."

After the skirmish Nyriss revealed to Scourge that she hired the mercenaries to follow a lead pertaining to the recent attacks on her life and she was left with an excess of agents after the Emperor's interference. She advised Scourge to think of the skirmish as a test stating that had he failed he would have been unworthy to server her, just as if he succeeded he would have proved that they were a waste of resources, either way leaving her with the perfect candidate for the job. After the revelation she told him about the lead and that the droid that almost killed her during the second attack on her life came from a plant on the planet Hallion. She sent Scourge and Sechel on a mission to infiltrate the the plant and discovered who purchased the droid.[1]

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The skirmish first appeared in Drew Karpyshyn's novel The Old Republic: Revan which was released on November 15, 2011.


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