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Several weeks after the Battle of Yavin, Luke Skywalker attacked Imperial forces above the planet Llanic who was attacking an unidentified Kupohan starship.

The skirmishEdit

Luke emerged from hyperspace in the Llanic system with the intent of finding a smuggler on Llanic who could smuggle goods off of Rodia to the Rebel Alliance if their mission was successful. Arriving in the Llanic system, he soon saw one of Moff Abran Balfour's Star Destroyers in the distance. The destroyer was too far to cause harm to the Desert Jewel but it had launched several TIE/ln space superiority starfighters. The TIEs were firing on an unidentified Kupohan starship, and although the ship's deflector shields were raised, the ship would soon be destroyed. Since the Kupohans had helped the Rebel Alliance in the past, Luke saw this the time to repay the debt. Luke commanded R2-D2 to plot a course out of the system, and then he engaged the Jewel's sole laser cannon and shot down the first TIE with the assistance of a targeting computer. The remaining TIE retreated took evasive maneuvers but resumed attacking the Kupohan ship instead of Luke's Desert Jewel. Luke didn't believe the TIE would be so foolish, but he soon destroyed that TIE fighter as well. Luke then tried to hail the Kupohan ship. But before he could establish a signal the Kupohan ship fled into hyperspace. Luke was disappointed but soon fled as well, not wanting to be caught by the next wave of TIE fighters headed from the Star Destroyer or put the Desert Jewel on any Imperial watchlists.[2]


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